Hermann Hesse – Steps

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2 Responses

  1. Rinzai Gigen says:

    This is the best translation.

    I was moved indescribably by Hesse’s poem a decade ago when I saw it hanging on the door of some professor’s office at my college. Only recently it came to mind again for a composition assignment. I was pleased to read it in German, having done some study to familiarize myself with the language this summer, impressed with the rhyme scheme which is impossible for a translation to capture, though the imagery was never lost on me. Compelled to present the original, line by line, alongside its translation, I was amazed, however, at just how much nuance had been lost by too heavy-handed a transcription. You have succeeded in undoing the damage herein. I have used this version you have so graciously presented for my project. You shall be credited accordingly.



    • Simon Wilks says:

      Thank you. I’ve enjoyed seeing what you’ve done with it, which matches the mood and transitions of the poem nicely.

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